Mexican senate authorizing the possession of up to 28 grams of cannabis

Conadic sees benefits in raising marijuana carry law in Mexico

Gady Zabicky Sirot , National Commissioner against Addictions ( Conadic ), said raising marijuana will be beneficial for Mexico in the fight against crime . 

Sirot Zabick explained that the proposal will order, will take away the market to the crime and will no longer be treated as offenders to adult consumers. “We call it restricted adult use, because not all people who use cannabis play with it, give it more serious use in their lives,” he said.

According to Millennium information, the commissioner said: “We have a maximum dose law, which was issued approximately 10 years ago, and marked the maximum to be carried by a citizen, five grams of marijuana, half a gram of cocaine. But this does not exempt them from being detained or held. ” 

In addition, he reiterated that increasing possession does not mean that they will consume these doses on a daily basis, but it means that it will be the dose that they can carry, with all those of the law, in what they arrive at their home, without the need to resort to drug dealers. 

The Mexican Senate gave informed that the draft opinion Law for the Regulation of the marijuana in authorizing the possession of up to 28 grams of cannabis, as it is considered “a prudent amount”.

According to  Millennium , the project stipulates that the carrying of up to 200 grams without the necessary license will be punished with an administrative fine of up to 10,500 pesos. 

In addition, modifications were made to the original document that was released last October, in which the licenses of scientific type are eliminated, it is determined that each person in a domicile can have up to six plants and a licensee can only sow marijuana of type psychoactive up to one hectare in open soil and under a thousand meters covered ground. 

The reform package, also seeks to help in the promotion, promotion, health education, as well as the dissemination of knowledge of the possible risks attributable to cannabis use.


Source; milenio, el universal,

The Mazatlan Post