Nuevo León knocks Merida off as the safest city in Mexico

San Pedro Garza García is the safest city in Mexico since in the four quarters of 2019 the city of Nuevo León remained with the lowest percentage of the population of 18 years and more that it considers it is unsafe to live in its city.

Mexico's safest city

The second safest city in Mexico is Merida, which is instead the safest in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Only in the last quarter of 2019, San Pedro Garza and Mérida tied as the safest cities.

San Nicolás de la Garza, also from northern Nuevo León, was the third safe city.

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Interestingly, the first and third safest cities in Mexico border one where virtually eight out of 10 people feel insecure:  Monterrey, where 82.7, 76.6, 73.8 and 78.8 percent of adults said the city is unsafe in the four quarters of 2019, respectively.

According to the National Institute of Geography, Statistics and Informatics (Inegi) , San Pedro Garza García has 123,156 inhabitants (including minors); Mérida, 892,363 neighbors, and San Nicolás de la Garza, 430,143 residents. Monterrey has 1,109,171 inhabitants.

The national “ranking” is a product of the National Urban Public Security Survey (ENSU) , of the Inegi, which on Thursday, January 16, released the results of the last quarter of 2019 (October-December).

Mexico's safest city

Graph made with data from the 2019 ENSU of the Inegi

According to the quarterly reports of the ENSU,  San Pedro Garza started the year with 34.5% of its citizens feeling public insecurity, by mid-year the figure dropped to 18.9%, for September it rose to 20.5% but in December it decreased again to 18.9 percent.

Mexico's safest city

In total, the population that feels insecure in San Pedro Garza dropped 15.6% in 2019, from 34.5 to 18.9 percent.

safest city

Mérida started 2019 with 38.5% of its adults feeling that they live in an insecure city; in the middle of the year, the proportion fell to 30.2, for September it was reduced to 22.8 and in December to 18.9  of every 100 inhabitants.

During the year, the Yucatan capital decreased its population that feels insecure by 19.6%, from 38.5 to 18.9 percent.

Meanwhile, San Nicolás de la Garza began 2019 with 41.7% of its inhabitants 18 years or older perceiving the city as unsafe, in the middle of the calendar the percentage was reduced to 31.5, for September it fell to 27.9 and in December it increased to 31.7, a figure that however was the third-lowest in the country for the last quarter of 2019.

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Due to its unstable performance, San Nicolás de la Garza finally dropped its population by 10%, feeling public insecurity.

San Nicolás de la Garza

Of the three safest cities in Mexico, only Mérida maintained its downward trend in the perception of insecurity. Or what is the same: quarter after quarter the population that feels they live in a safe city increased.

Mérida is also the one that lowered her perception of insecurity the most.

The safest city in the Yucatan Peninsula

Although in the country it occupies the second place, Mérida is the safest city in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Mexico's safest city

Campeche, capital of the state of the same name where there are 283 025 inhabitants, is the second, with percentages of public insecurity of 50.9, 46.2, 48.4 and 44.9 in the four quarters of 2019.

During the year the perception of insecurity was unstable and, in the end, it dropped six percent in total in San Francisco de Campeche.

The ENSU confirms that Cancun, the tourist center of Quintana Roo and with 743,626 inhabitants, is the most insecure city in the Yucatan Peninsula 

The adult population that said Cancun is insecure was 93.3, 88.8, 86.2 and 89.6 percent , respectively, in the four quarters of 2019.

The perception of insecurity in Cancun was also unstable during the year and dropped only 3.7 percent in total.

Source: diario de yucatan

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