Would Mexico occupy the place of the United Kingdom in the European Union?

The European Union is seen from Mexico as a sum of determined parties and indeterminate nations. That is, it is observed as a UFO.

Its capital is Brussels and the condition to enter the club is the transfer of sovereignty.

Resultado de imagen de México ocuparía el lugar de Reino Unido en la Unión Europea"

Under a scene of extreme fiction in which the borders of Mexico adjoined France and Spain, Mexican President López Obrador would express his disagreement with the European Union. By belonging to the community area, AMLO would organize a Mexit to regain sovereignty, and would do so by igniting the nationalist moods as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage did, among others, in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, if the European Central Bank regulated the circulation of the euro from Tijuana to Tapachula, AMLO would tell us that the neoliberals of Frankfurt sabotage their growth plans.

It would not be easy for the Mexican president to tolerate the entry of the commissioners of economy and communications to the country to review compliance with community laws, nor would it support that the Court of Justice of the European Union reversed cases to the Supreme Court for violating supranational legislation.

If Mexico belonged to the European Union, no president would threaten to impose tariffs on its exports, in the remote case that President López Obrador did not prevent the passage of migrants from third countries; there would be less talk about flags, but much more about cohesion funds; one would not speak of walls, but of alliances in the Europarliament; less of passports, but more of the Schengen area.

Mexican students would take advantage of Erasmus exchanges to project their future in 28 countries. Dreaming is very easy. Difficult is our reality.

This Friday at 23 hours, time in Brussels, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union after having been the victim of the first official fake news campaign in history. A civil war of the Conservative Party extrapolated to the whole country ends with more than 40 years of United Kingdom history in the European Union.

The attempts made by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan to introduce his country to the European Union collided with De Gaulle, who blocked his entry by considering the country a US Trojan horse. The United Kingdom has always maintained critical distance with Brussels and has always defended the sovereignty of the City (pound). Simply put, it has always remained in the last row of Europeanism despite Edward Heath (1970-1974), Harold Wilson (1974-1976) or Tony Blair (1997-2007), three Europeanist prime ministers.

David Cameron tried to put out a rebellion in his party by organizing Brexit. He lost to a nationalist wave set by Nigel Farage, a friend of Donald Trump. For almost four years, the country remained at the bottom of the maze generating disincentives for citizens of the 27 countries of the European Union so as not to replicate Brexit in their respective countries.

The European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Foundation (EU-LAC) organized an event last week in San José, Costa Rica, with the aim of bringing together people linked to journalism from both regions. Why is it important that the European Union media cover the political events of Latin America and the Caribbean, and vice versa?

The answer is obvious. In Mexico, there has been much talk about Brexit, but little is understood. The danger posed by sweeping sovereignty is unknown; It is not known that the founding mission of the European Union is to avoid wars. Flags, sovereignty and nationalisms, variables of an equation in which war conflicts appear.

Would President López Obrador agree to take up the position of the United Kingdom in the European Union?

Sweet Dreams.

Source: el economista

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