Microsoft announces $ 1.1 billion investment in Mexico for the next 5 years

The amount will be focused on expanding access to digital technology for people and organizations across the country, said Satya Nadella, the company’s CEO.

Microsoft will invest 1 billion dollars over the next five years in Mexico, Satya Nadella, the company’s CEO, announced Thursday.

“I am excited to announce that over the next five years, $ 1.1 billion will be invested in Mexico, focused on expanding access to digital technology for people and organizations across the country, ” he explained in a video presented at President Andrés’ morning conference, Manuel López Obrador.

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As part of the investment, Nadella added that a new region of data centers will be created in Mexico “to provide comprehensive, intelligent, secure and reliable services through the cloud and help all organizations to promote their digital transformation.”

César Cernuda, President of Microsoft for Latin America, added that the investment plan, called ‘Innovate for Mexico’, includes the construction of three laboratories with state-of-the-art technologies to offer services and technologies through digital culture.

These laboratories will promote a “solid educational program” aimed at young university students, Cernuda said.

“With this, teachers and higher-level students of any career will strengthen their knowledge and reinforce the skills required by society and the current and future labor market,” he said.

Another initiative contemplates that, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Education, a system of high-impact digital learning classrooms will be deployed that will be unique in Mexico.

Cernuda added that an advisory council will be created with the Mexican Business Council (CMN) with the objective of “sharing experiences of digital transformation to meet the needs of the population and the market” of the country.

Another initiative of ‘Innovate for Mexico’ will be to support the conservation of the mako shark, this in collaboration with the Mexico Blue group.

The president of Microsoft for Latin America indicated that this task will be done through the monitoring of the specimens of the species through an open-source software that will analyze the shark’s habits and migratory routes.

López Obrador stressed that the announcement is good news for the country because it will boost technological development in various fields.

“We thank you very much in the name of the people of Mexico for an answer to the commitments that were made when we met with the CEO of Microsoft. Thank you very much on behalf of the Government, ” he said.

In October 2019, the president met with Brad Smith and Enrique Perezyera, president of Microsoft and CEO of Microsoft Mexico, at the National Palace.

At the meeting, López Obrador said, in his Twitter account, that two issues had been analyzed: the creation of universities to train young people in the management of new technologies and a program of control against corruption.


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