Video: Over 1,000 people join Playa del Carmen Mamitas Beach Protest over public access

Playa del Carmen.- Around 1,200 people arrived this Sunday in the area of ​​Playa Mamitas, in Playa del Carmen, to carry out a massive picnic to protest the violent eviction of a young couple by the police.

With banners, flags, umbrellas, chairs, and coolers, Mexicans and foreigners arrived to occupy the space in front of the Mamita’s Beach Club, even their lounge chairs, after local employees called the police to remove the couple from the beach, for allegedly occupying their space.

Attendees who arrived with their own umbrellas were installed in front of the beach, but those who had no sun cover used the sun loungers and umbrellas of the beach club itself .

“Take whatever you want, today they are free,” some men shouted at the crowd.

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Meanwhile, a woman walked from one place to another displaying a banner with the legend “The beaches belong to the Mexicans.”

Before the crowd present, Mamita’s Beach Club distributed fruit and cold water to the attendees .

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Among the expressions of disagreement, some people also referred to similar situations in Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Puerto Morelos and most recent Sian kan reserve

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