In Progreso Yucatan, they traffic cocaine using shark bodies

Used fake companies had withdrawn up to 554 million pesos in cash

The head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Santiago Nieto Castillo, presented the mode of operation of organized crime in Yucatan, highlighting the case of drug trafficking through shark bodies filled with Cocaine, at the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Bodies of lifeless sharks were used to be filled with cocaine and frozen, to transport them from Costa Rica to the port of Progreso and then send the majority to Jalisco, where it was their final destination.

However, they were also sent from Yucatan to Florida, in the United States, “and it is related to a series of companies that used as fake companies for the purpose of developing operations. In cash they have had withdrawals for 554 million pesos, ”said Nieto Castillo.

The subject that has been identified as the leader of the fraudulent operation is a 58-year-old person, and corporately constitutes different companies with members of his family: Fishing Company, Freezing Company and Fishing Industry Company.

The first of the companies received, through transfers, resources for 139 million pesos and triangulated them with the other members of the financial group. Cash operations record deposits of 272 million pesos and withdrawals of 1,883 million pesos in the state of Yucatán, while tax revenues are declared for 2,650 million and deductions for 2,629 million.

“This also throws off that it is a company that buys invoices in order to raise its expenses and reduce its percentage of payment to the treasury, to the Mexican treasury,” he explained.

There is also an export record of sea cucumber, for an amount of 664.8 million pesos, and represents 85.5 percent of the total of all its exports. The marine product is destined for Hong Kong and the United States.

Fiscally this company appears with zero pesos in its 2014 statements. In 2015, only with eight pesos; however, he had received amounts for 5 million pesos in his transfers. For 2016, he declared 2 thousand 198 pesos and received 18.7 million pesos and withdrew 19.7 million; In 2017, it declared revenues of 3 billion pesos and in 2018 for 1,900 million pesos, without this being reported directly to the Tax Administration Service (SAT). Therefore, it is also in the presence of a case of fraud of a fiscal nature regardless of political corruption, regardless of the peculate.

On the particular issue of drug trafficking, work has been carried out jointly with the Ministry of the Navy and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation to carry out a cleaning at customs, where some type of irregularities has been detected, he said.

La DEA tiene identificadas las rutas más intensivas de trasiego de droga en los mares americanos.

This particular case has to do with a shark marketing operation, which is used by criminal groups, in addition to transporting drugs to the United States.

At a press conference, the operation diagram of the criminal organization was also presented.


The Mazatlan Post