Trump announces a temporary closure of non-essential Mexican border crossings due to Covid-19

Trump said he wasn’t planning to permanently close the southern border but “we are invoking a certain provision that will allow us great latitude as to what we do.” The administration appears to be referring to a US code that allows the surgeon general to prohibit entry to people who pose a risk of introducing a communicable disease into the US.

The President of the United States  Donald Trump announced that temporarily banned non – essential border crossings with  Mexico because of the pandemic of Covid-19.

In a press conference from the  White House, Trump said he will invoke a federal law that will allow him to ban the entry of asylum seekers and people who cross the border.

He pointed out that he only wants to allow crossings considered essential for the medical and military sector, among others.

When questioned about this measure, the US president commented that he had thought about taking this measure early, but that the official announcement will be made “very soon”, all in turn that this pandemic has left 115 dead and more than 6,500 infected. throughout the United States.


The Mazatlan Post