AMLO and his followers out of touch with reality

López Obrador’s Coronavirus Handling

The statement of the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, says it all: “The strength of the President is moral, not a force of contagion.” López-Gatell advances rapidly along the path of ridicule and makes a fool of the country. A scientist touched by the religiosity of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is what the spokesperson lacked for the pandemic. If things look bad, the reality is that they are worse. A couple of weeks ago the High-Level Commission Mexico and the United States met in Mexico City, where the issue of the coronavirus was central. The meeting ended with shouts and threats, in what was the quickest meeting the two nations have had since the new Mexican government arrived.

It all started the way it all begins in this administration, with a bizarre approach. The spokesman for the Mexican delegation strongly questioned the protocols in the world to attack health crises. “The risk is not so high, and Mexico will in no way close borders or take catastrophic actions in this matter, because they do not consider it a pandemic,” said the spokesperson, according to the reconstruction of the meeting. The disqualification of the pandemic, the only country in the world that does not consider it that way, was not the worst of all. That would come later.

What exists, added the Mexican government spokesperson, is “mafia management of public health crises.” As an example, they put the leadership of the crisis of the H1N1 epidemic, which is an argument that López Obrador has used to attack former President Felipe Calderón. The US delegation, which had been showing signs of exasperation at what they heard and that were increasingly raising the tone of their voice, exploded. According to the reconstruction of what happened, the American spokesman interrupted him and asked that the meeting continue to be attached to professionalism, seriousness and technical knowledge of public affairs, without making political or ideological statements.

At that point, what had never happen happened. The two delegations began to yell at each other in a pandemonium, so the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the host of the meeting, had to intervene and ask them to keep their composure and let the Mexican spokesperson finish the presentation. When he finished exposing the skepticism of the Mexican government about what the world was doing and the information they were presenting, the American began bluntly: the United States government mistrusts the “joyous figures” of the Mexican contagion.

The Americans filed two documents. The first showed the growth of infections in similar countries, with symmetrical trade and tourist routes, to show that the data that Mexico was presenting to them was less than that of analogous nations, suggesting that they were hiding information or measuring it wrong. Last Friday it was published in this space that in the H1N1 crisis in 2009, López-Gatell confused the measurement of confirmed cases with unconfirmed cases, which caused wrong decisions and was therefore sent to the freezer. This first document also listed the actions that the countries of Central and South America were taking, which were beginning to close borders to cut the chain of contagion.

The second document they were shown was a study by Mexican scientists, carried out at the request of the United States Embassy, ​​who used an algorithm to show the rate of contagion for each Mexican, as well as their dynamism according to the climatic and sociodemographic conditions of the country. Mexicans seemed embarrassed by the documents they were presented with, lacking that information. As noted in this space on Friday, López-Gatell has not presented any mathematical model or simulator on the impact of the coronavirus in Mexico. When Mexicans wanted to comment on the documents, the impression they left, among some of the participants and the Americans, was a profound ignorance of the subject.

In that sense, something that was noticeable at that meeting, according to the reconstruction, is that while the US delegation presented itself with a unified position, there were differences in the Mexican delegation. This was very important because one of the topics of the meeting was to talk about the partial closure of the border between the two countries and limit the human passage through their sentry boxes, for which they brought extensive detailed information about how they proposed to do it. This was a result of the announcement in late February by President Donald Trump, who said he was “thinking about what to do with the southern border.”

The intention was to discuss how and on what scale the border would be closed, but the result at the end of the meeting was different. The American spokesman said, in conclusion, that given the clear differences between the public policies of both countries to address the crisis of the pandemic, all decisions regarding border traffic would no longer be consensual and would be given unilaterally. The Mexicans, they advanced, would only be informed of the decisions that had already been made in Washington, with no room for negotiation. The Mexican delegation was surprised.

Last Thursday, almost a week after that hasty meeting, Customs and Border Protection closed six entry lanes in San Ysidro, which borders Tijuana, the fourth busiest border in the world, until “future notice.” The closure had to do with the changes in the law on the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program, but seeing the way they approached the coronavirus pandemic, what they thought of it and its ideological management as a health crisis, they chose not to waste more time with Mexicans and act unilaterally.

Resultado de imagen de amuletos amlo

Social media users react with MEMES of his amulets for emergencies and protection of Mexico presented by AMLO

The Chief Executive today showed the lucky charms he has received from people and users of social networks created memes.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador  today showed the amulets that, he said, bring him luck in crisis situations, this in the context of the coronavirus pandemic declared by the World Organization of Health and that in Mexico it has left 118 cases. Social network users reacted with memes and jokes.

This morning, the Chief Executive showed during his morning press conference the lucky charms that he has received from the hands of citizens during his tours throughout the Republic, he said that they come from various religions.

“Look, they give me … They are my bodyguards. Still, this is very common in people. And I have other things because it is not only Catholicism, but also evangelical religion and freethinkers, who give me everything, and I keep everything because it is all right. ”

From his wallet he took out a two-dollar bill, also looked for a lucky clover and a scapular that reads the phrase: “Stop, enemy, the heart of Jesus is with me”, although he specified that he has no enemies but adversaries.

The reactions from social network users were immediate, even an image was released with the alleged offer to sell the amulet through Mercado Libre.


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