Queretaro, the preferred destination of Mexicans and foreigners to live and invest

Querétaro recently named one of the best states in the Mexican Republic to live in, has become a favorite destination for national and foreign investors.

Querétaro, one of the 32 entities of the Mexican Republic, strategically located in the center of the country and with an unbeatable climate, according to many, was recently selected as the best State of the Republic to live in, this as a result of the survey national, carried out in February, by the pollster Consulta Mitofsky.

Querétaro, preferred destination of nationals and foreigners to live and invest

In turn, Querétaro has positioned itself, at least for the last 10 years, as a city not only with an industrial vocation but also with services and offering an excellent quality of life. This and other things, has made Querétaro an extremely attractive place for national and foreign investors, not only to want to bring their capital to the state but also to see it as the ideal place to reside.

Querétaro houses companies of international relevance, and according to the Great Place to Work Consultant, in 2019 recognized that in Querétaro there are 6 of the 25 best companies in the world, such as Natura, Santander, IBM, AT&T, DHL, Hilton, and many more of international impacts such as Toyota and Kia, without neglecting the more than 85 companies in the aerospace sector such as Boeing, Bombardier, Airbus Group, just to mention a few.

Querétaro, preferred destination of nationals and foreigners to live and invest

A state that during 2019 had a state GDP of about 4%, and that represented just over 2% of the national GDP, Querétaro positioned itself as a safe state for investors.

Querétaro has also been characterized, even with the great challenges it has in terms of mobility and services, in recent years, as a state that offers a high quality of life above most of the country’s entities.

Querétaro, preferred destination of nationals and foreigners to live and invest

 The state capital, together with municipalities and metropolitan communities, has a wide offer of housing for all budgets. Municipalities such as Querétaro, El Marqués, Corregidora and San Juan del Rio, today receive an average of 22 families daily, who come from other states and abroad to live in their different colonies and communities.

In the real estate sector, during 2019 the capital gain in land for housing development, in Querétaro was just over 12%, and in the metropolitan area, there are subdivisions such as the Zibatá Golf Club, located in the Municipality of Marqués, where prices have grown over 40% in the last four years.  

Source: despertarnoticias.com

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