Stranded Mexicans due to Covid-19 arrive from Argentina

“We thank the government, the Air Force and the embassy for the return,” said Mrs. Teresita Tamez to Excelsior upon her departure from the airbase.

After 12 hours of flight that included a stopover in Ecuador, tonight the 280 Mexicans who were stranded in different cities of Argentina after the health contingency due to the Covid-19 coronavirus arrived in Mexico City from Buenos Aires.

Onboard two aircraft of the Mexican Air Force, the compatriots stepped on Aztec soil tonight and after the review of Army health personnel, they left the facilities of the 6th FAM Group, formerly the Presidential Hangar.

I arrived on March 8 to Argentina as a tourist and although we could not know much, when the quarantine began we kept ourselves and thanked the government, the Air Force and the embassy for the return, “said Mrs. Teresita Tamez to Excelsior upon her departure from the air base.

Among the group of Mexicans who were repatriated was Daniela Fernández Cárdenas, 14 years old, who remained since mid-March in the province of Córdoba, where she studied secondary as part of an academic exchange.

I arrived and the next day they canceled classes and a day later the quarantine began, “lamented the young woman.

Her father, Eduardo Fernández, arrived from Guadalajara, Jalisco, to pick her up from CDMX.

The experience was tremendous, especially because the girl came to a family home, people treated her well, but all the time she was locked up and we were looking for a way to bring her on commercial flights and she didn’t see when she could finish this and we were distressed ” , Mr. Eduardo commented to Excelsior.

After taking their temperature and a brief health study, the health authorities asked the group of Mexicans to keep the quarantine at home now.

The two FAM Boeing 737 license plates 3526 and 3527 with health personnel from the Army and the Mexican Air Force left Mexico City on Monday with 300 Argentines who were also stranded in our country and took them to Buenos Aires. Today, both humanitarian flights with a difference of half an hour landed in the country’s capital.

The nationals requested their voluntary return to Mexico City and were supported and accompanied at all times by officials from the Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Mexico in Argentina, the Secretary of Foreign Relations reported in a bulletin.

Mexico expresses its widest appreciation to the Government of Argentina for facilitating consular work on behalf of compatriots, “he stressed.


The Mazatlan Post