Covid-19 cases in Tabasco could grow 700% due to disobedience

Fidel Montejo Ulín research professor at the Academic Division of Basic Sciences UJAT, warned that if the population insists tabasqueña not strictly abide by the measures decreed isolation and healthy distance to contain the pandemic of Coronavirus.

The predictions of this mathematical model until April 1 are accurate, developed by the UJAT research professor, with likelihood and confidence intervals of 95 percent.

According to the trends shown, by April 9, if the compliance of prevention measures by the Tabasco population is not reinforced, of the 52 positive cases reported this April 1, there will be an exponential jump to reach at least to the 371 positive patients officially recognized, that is, an increase of approximately 700 percent.

The main concern that follows from the study carried out by Doctor Fidel Ulín, is that far from flattening the curve after the first week of the national healthy distance day, which started on March 23, it has tended more towards the vertical, which reflects that infections are not being slowed down.


The Mazatlan Post