Dalgona Coffee; the cold and creamy drink that quarantine has made go viral (VIDEO)

It is so easy to do at home, we understand why everyone loves it.

You have seen it on Instagram and on Tik Tok. The coffee Dalgona is the drink of the moment and nobody can deny. But do you know where it comes from and what makes it so captivating? Here we tell you.

The history

No, although many think so, he was not born two or three weeks ago in South Korea. The origin of this drink goes back to India, Pakistan, and Macao, where it has been prepared for a long time and is known as “beaten coffee”.

The buzz came when the creamy-looking coffee appeared on a Korean television show called Pyunstorang. From that moment, its existence began to be known in that country and, thanks to social networks (and to the time we can have at home), throughout the world.

The name, by the way, comes from the word “ dalgona ”, with which in Korea a fluffy caramel sold on the streets is known, and which somewhat resembles the texture of the coffee that now bears the same name.

Now you just have to open your Instagram account or Tik Tok, to find millions of videos of users trying it at home. Even in vegan and keto versions.

And yes, that’s exactly why: its preparation is very easy. Imagine it as if it were a cappuccino, but with the order of the ingredients arranged backward. At the bottom, cold milk (flavored with a touch of vanilla or hazelnuts, if you prefer); Above, a delicious and quite sugary foam that contains an entire load of coffee.

How to do it at home?

Simple: you only need soluble coffee, milk, hot water, and sugar. The first thing you should do is mix the water with the coffee and the sugar. Then, with a mixer, make the coffee foamy and smooth in texture. You can also do it with a balloon whisk.

When you have the coffee and sugar ready, well incorporated and grown in size after aerating them, fill a glass with cold milk, add some ice cubes and, optionally, some flavoring to your liking. Serve the coffee foam on top and you’re done. You will have obtained a great Dalgona coffee to reduce the heat of these spring days!

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