Cruise Ship to San Diego will instead be anchored off La Paz BCS

La Paz Baja California Sur.-  José López Soto, director of the Comprehensive Port Administration of Baja California Sur (APIBCS), reported that the cruise ship “Maasdam” arrived yesterday to anchor, which means that it will be anchored.

“Due to the saturation of vessels registered in various ports, in the United States, this Wednesday another cruise ship arrived in the bay of La Paz, it is the Maasdam cruise ship from the shipping company Holland América, which will remain at anchor until it can return to San Diego, California, ”said the state official.

He acknowledged that the Maasdam cruise ship, the Jalisco authorities in Puerto Vallarta, issued a health certificate, after verifying that there are no suspected cases of COVID-19.

“The Maasdam cruise ship was included in the 2019-2020 arrival schedule, with four arrivals in the port of Pichilingue and another four arrivals in the Port of Loreto. His arrival in La Paz was scheduled for this Tuesday 7th and for Loreto this Wednesday 8th, unfortunately due to the situation derived from the coronavirus epidemic, we canceled both arrivals as a preventive measure, ”said López Soto.

He indicated that the cruise ship crew will not be able to disembark in La Paz.

“As with the Westerdam cruise ship, its crew may not disembark in the city, as stipulated in article 147 of the General Health Law and article 9, section I of the Maritime Navigation and Commerce Law, in the sense that it will not be possible to make a change of crew in the ports of the entity to avoid the risk of contagion of coronavirus ”.

He added that both vessels are waiting for the Port of San Diego to open, in order to move a shorter distance than any other port in the Republic, so the crew must remain on the cruises as long as they are docked.


The Mazatlan Post