Banco Azteca branch is closed in San Miguel de Allende due to lack of COVID preventive measures

 “Incredible voracity and lack of commitment to its employees and our people,” said Luis Alberto Villarreal, mayor of San Miguel de Allende, referring to a Banco Azteca branch, which has already been closed.

The municipal president of that tourist destination in Guanajuato published images of the closing seals and elements of Civil Protection that intervened in the facilities located on Calle Zacateros 36, in the downtown area.

“Everyone making sacrifices and #BancoAzteca putting everyone’s health at risk. If you planned to go to this Bank tomorrow, better # QuédateEnCasa is already closed. #Here We are with the people and their health, “wrote the mayor on his Twitter account.

During this week, the organization Mexicanos contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad (MCCI) revealed that in Grupo Salinas’ offices in Mexico City, there would be five cases of covid-19, according to versions of collaborators from the Elektra company.


The Mazatlan Post