Ivanka and her puppy, Bezos and his parrot, Trump and his vaccines and an AMLO joke for Biden

In Europe they know that the United States will produce the COVID-19 vaccine first; we must keep that program ongoing.

This is not how the gringos are, let’s be serious

In Mexico, many people think that all Americans are like the so-called rednecks who visit Los Cabos, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta to exhibit their ignorance and lack of culture by shouting, getting drunk and consuming marijuana, and other drugs in hotels and public spaces.

Worse still, some Mexicans unfairly say that all gringos are like Donald Trump. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The United States is the country with the most Nobel prizes. Beats almost three to one to second place, UK:

  • *  United States, 375 Nobel Prizes
  • * United Kingdom, 131 Nobel Prizes
  • *  Germany, 108 Nobel Prizes
  •  France, 69 Nobel Prizes
  •  Sweden, 32 Nobel Prizes
  • * Russia, 31 Nobel Prizes
  • *  Japan, 27 Nobel Prizes
  •  Switzerland, 26 Nobel Prizes

In medicine, the United States has received 100 Nobeawards; second place, UK, just 30.

All the rankings of the best universities in the world are headed by the institutions of higher education in the United States. In the various top-10s of these rankings, there are between six and eight American universities.

No city competes in quantity and quality of cultural activities with New York.

The parrots

Jeff Bezos was already the richest man in the world, but since he is the owner of the company, Amazon, which distributes everything that everyone at home consumes around the world, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic has increased his fortune in about 30 billion dollars.

The following version is circulating (unconfirmed):

“We are happy because it has been going well with the sales of face masks, gloves, and antibacterial gel” Bezos declared. Amazon is the only store that has not closed in New York, and the one that sells the most expensive parakeets on the planet.

Tired of dogs that are so boring, and cats that are getting sick of the coronavirus, Bezos decided to buy a nice pet.

There were three parrots. The first was priced at a million and a half US dollars, which was justified because the bird was able to speak English, French, Italian, and Russian.

The second one costs three million dollars because, in addition to mastering such languages, this bird is able to solve complex mathematical problems.

The price of the third parrot was 10 million dollars. Admired, Bezos asked the lady who was attending him: “Why is this parrot so expensive, what can he do?”. The woman replied: “We still haven’t found the grace for him and rather he seems half silly, or silly and a half, but the fact is that the other two call him ‘boss’, there must be a reason .”

So, talking about Donald Trump, he could look and act pretty stupid, but everyone in the United States — from Bezos to the humblest farm worker, including all the American Nobel laureates — call him “boss” and obey him.

Ivanka Trump and her puppy “Winter” (Archive)

The vaccine

The head of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, Paul Hudson, has made world news. His words were published in all the media around the world, but the place where his comment stood out the most was in Germany, especially in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper and in the Der Spiegel magazine.

The head of Sanofi said:

√ “It is easy to imagine that Americans will be vaccinated first.”

√ For this reason, he called on Europe to support with much more resources the mass production of vaccines against Covid-19

√ Because the problem is no longer the vaccine, but the number of doses that can be produced.

√ The great challenge is “how many millions of vaccines can we produce”.

√ The United States will most likely be in a position to vaccinate its entire population sooner than the rest of the world, largely thanks to all kinds of support that the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority provides to pharmaceutical companies.

The Advanced Biomedical Research and Development Authority, BARDA, is a government agency that supports vaccine development. It was founded to protect American society – I quote its website – “from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.”

The German media regrets that there is nothing remotely similar in Europe, that is, with sufficient resources to finance a development such as that needed to end the coronavirus threat.

√ “We don’t want to go into next summer and not have enough vaccines for Europe,” said Hudson.

√ “Sanofi has made proposals to the main countries and to the European Commission to face the manufacturing problem”.

√ It will not be cheap to develop new vaccines in manufacturing and packaging plants. It seems like Europe will not react on time, and so BARDA in the United States has already signed the contracts with all those companies capable of mass-producing the vaccine once it is developed.

√ “All of these vaccines are made in the United States because BARDA is supporting them,” said Paul Hudson.

√ Therefore, “the American government most likely will make sure that Americans get the vaccine first.”

Jeff Bezos (Archive)

From the Wall to the BARDA

The highest priority of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, should be to use his more than good friendly relationship with President Donald Trump to say:

√ That there is no point in vaccinating the Americans if they don’t vaccinate us, since —wall or not wall— we are going to continue crossing the border.

√ That we help you in whatever is offered to you in your electoral campaign — even to pay for your border wall — in exchange for including us in your vaccination program.

√ In short, if Trump says “jump”, Mexico will ask “How high? If acrobatics guarantees us vaccinations.

What if the presidential elections are won by Biden and not by Trump?

It is a real possibility. All the polls reflect an already significant advantage of Joe Biden over Donald Trump. But, without a doubt, we should in principle be with the winner until they knock him out, particularly because Trump has already shown that he knows how to win by losing. 

With three million votes less than Hillary Clinton, he won the election in 2016. I do not know if there was electoral fraud – surely, the Cuban politicians are not people destined for sanctity – but in reality, what favored Trump was the system. And it could happen again.

What if Biden wins before the Covid-19 vaccine starts manufacturing? Given this risk, Andrés Manuel must do two things:

1.- Ask Trump to help our country sign, right now with the pharmaceutical companies in the US, contracts for the mandatory supply of vaccines for Mexico; at a reasonable price, obviously.

2.- Just in case, try anecdotes, jokes and all kinds of stitches to woo Mr. Biden

Public relations

The definition that Rogelio Gasca Neri once gave me is always relevant :

√ A circus parade in downtown Washington is an event.

√ If an elephant escapes from the circus and runs through the streets of the United States capital, it is an event worthy of a review on the curiosity pages of the newspapers.

√ Let the elephant go to the White House, trample on Trump’s favorite garden and shit on his daughter Ivanka’s puppy, this is the main note worldwide.

√ The owner of the circus sitting in the Oval Office explaining to Trump what happened and also making the President of the United States laugh, those are public relations.

Although Donald Trump continues to be the favorite, it does not hinder that Andrés Manuel is rehearsing an explanation and a joke that make Señor Joe Biden laugh.

Source: sdpnoticias.com