The energy sector in Mexico cannot continue to change its rules says U.S. ambassador

The United States Ambassador to Mexico stressed that the issue is a cause for concern in the Government of his country.

AMLO government must respect the rules established for the energy sector once they are established because they cannot be modified when there are already private investments, said Christopher Landau, US ambassador to Mexico, on Saturday.

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“When private companies come to invest, under those rules, you have to respect them, you cannot continue changing them. That has been a cause for concern for us,” he said.

Landau noted that the US has been in communication with the federal administration on this issue.

The ambassador emphasized that although it is the responsibility of Mexico “as a sovereign country” to establish the rules of its energy market, the US message has always been that they must be followed, “regardless of how you have settled them or what they are.”

The National Energy Control Center (Cenace) published earlier this month a series of measures suspending critical tests for new renewable energy generation projects.

This measure will delay the entry into operation of 28 wind and photovoltaic plants.

The agency decided to suspend indefinitely these tests, which are necessary for the implementation of the projects, arguing that it is necessary to provide stability to the electrical system during the health emergency derived from the coronavirus pandemic.


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