Cinemas in CDMX: when and how will they open after the Quarantine


The cinemas will be able to open to the public at the end of June with a capacity of 50%, although everything depends on the hospital occupation in the CDMX.

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, unveiled the Gradual Plan towards the New Normality program, which is based on a system of traffic lights and colors (red, orange, yellow and green) that indicate when They will resume social, educational and economic activities, for example in places like gyms, bars and cinemas.

When and how will theaters open after the Quarantine?

The objective of the plan is to return to a new normality with a series of measures, to prevent the spread or outbreak of the coronavirus among the population, which is why the hospital situation in the capital will be reported. According to epidemiology experts, until June 15 there will be many infected people but after this date non-essential activities, such as movie theaters, can be resumed.

On June 1 when the traffic light is red, essential activities that have not closed will continue, mining, construction, manufacture of transport equipment, sale of bicycles, production chains and beer production will be joined with sanitation measures. The justice and legislative institutions will return through video calls.

When the traffic light is orange, possibly at the end of June and July, staggered working hours and days will be established with a 4×10 scheme; They will open hotels and restaurants with a 30% capacity, cinemas and theaters for 50 percent of  micro and small businesses with less than 30 employees, religious services at 30% capacity, sporting events without public, parks with a capacity 30% and end of Today No temporary Circulation.

In August, when the traffic light is yellow according to estimates, it will continue working days with a 4×10 scheme; Restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theaters, parks, esplanades and department stores may be opened at 60% occupancy. By the end of August, Mexico City would be in the new normal with distancing and hygiene measures and it will be until that date that the gyms, nightclubs, clubs, offices, and, most importantly, will be able to return to the classrooms In the meantime, students will continue during the contingency with distance classes.


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