VIDEO: Again this time Queretaro Police officers violently detain Granny for not using a face mask


The Querétaro police officers subdued the woman and her daughter, however they were not brought before a municipal judge

A video is causing outrage among users of social networks, since in it you can see a group of police officers violently subjugating an elderly woman and her daughter for allegedly not attending to the health measures that establish the use of mouth masks.

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The events occurred in the municipality of  Cadereyta  de Montes, in  Querétaro , on May 24, when two female police officers arrested the two women who, according to official information, are engaged in  collecting cardboard and plastic , in order to sell it and generate income. to bring food home.

In the video you can see how one of the officers takes the older adult by the waist, while the other officer tries to handcuff her daughter.

Take that away from me, take it away from here!  Is one of the screams that can be heard in the video.

It transpired that neither the  old woman  nor her daughter were brought before a municipal judge.

Violent Granny  Subdued 

The authorities’ response

Given the facts, the municipality of  Cadereyta  de Montes issued a statement where it emphasized that it is the obligation of service providers “to wear a face  mask , given the nature of daily contact with citizens . “

The Municipal Public Security Directorate detailed that the event occurred on Sunday, May 24, and recognized the woman as a trash collector looking for recycled material at the Sunday tianguis who, on previous occasions, the uniformed men had indicated that she should wear a face mask 

In its Facebook account, the municipality published a video where a woman without a  mask  and a black plastic bag on her back replies to the police.

The municipality noted that the agents’ reaction was due to verbal and physical attacks by the older adult and her daughter. Initially, they would be transferred to the municipal judge, but the Shift Chief determined that they would only be reprimanded for their behavior.


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