Mexico pays $ 6.2 million USD for Cuban medical professionals

Oliva López Arellano, Secretary of Health of Mexico City, said in an interview with ‘Diario de Cuba’, that this amount is intended for the recruitment of health personnel from that island, as well as training and other activities.

The Health Institute for Welfare will pay a total of 6 million 255 thousand 792 dollars for the hiring of 585 Cuban doctors and nurses who attend COVID patients in the CDMX, as well as for training and other activities, informed Oliva López Arellano, secretary of Health of Mexico City, in an interview for Diario de Cuba .

“They have a lot of experience in the territory, in the community epidemiological part, in the reinforcement of hospital activities, and also in counseling, training, and support in various components of the strategy,” López Arellano told the newspaper.

He added that these resources are not only for the hiring of doctors and nurses but also “for various activities that have to do with training, specialization, direct care, counseling, joint research.”

Therefore, each Cuban doctor and nurse, on average, will receive $ 10,693.

He explained that the 6.2 million were transferred by Insabi, through the Secretariat of Administration and Finance, to the Ministry of Health.

He explained that Cuban health personnel arrived at CDMX on April 27 after an agreement between said agencies, to support tasks to deal with the pandemic.

These work in the COVID hospitals of the CDMX and also in some hybrids, such as the Balbuena Hospital.

The accommodation of these professionals is not included in the agreement and is paid by hoteliers in the capital.

The capital’s secretary of Health has not disclosed this agreement on its social networks or on the official website of the CDMX Health Secretariat.


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