Mexico health officials warn pandemic will last until October’

Mexico must be prepared for a long health contingency, says Hugo López-Gatell

Hugo López-Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, reiterated that the country should prepare for a long pandemic of covid-19, which could extend in some entities until October, whose national midpoint will be in July.

A midpoint would be in the first fortnight of July, here I am not referring to the Valley of Mexico, but for the whole country. The set of epidemic curves would take us to a midpoint, where the maximum daily load of cases would be, and then a decrease until reaching October, ”he indicated.

He stressed that in cities like Tijuana infections are already declining, while in Monterrey they are still reported on the rise. In the Nuevo Leon capital, the end of the pandemic could be declared until the middle of October.

Yesterday, in Mexico, the accumulated number of cases of covid-19 rose to 133 thousand 974, due to the fact that in a day four thousand 790 more cases were reported. Of these, 20,832 are active cases and 55,700 are suspected.

The deaths increased to 15,944, as a result of the 587 deaths in one day that were recorded in the last report.

And while the country remains at “the level of maximum risk of infection”, the Valley of Mexico is the area where the greatest number of deaths from coronavirus and accumulated and active cases are concentrated, which are considered the engine of the pandemic, because they happened in the last 14 days.


According to the RED IRAG (Serious Acute Respiratory Infection), Mexico City and the State of Mexico, register 78% of hospital occupancy in general beds, compared to 46% of national average occupancy.

In fan beds, the national average is 39 percent.

In contrast, the State of Mexico registers 65% and Mexico City has 61% hospital occupancy.


The Mazatlan Post