Thiefs pay dearly as citizens attack the assailant (VIDEO)

STATE OF MEXICO.- Videos that circulate on social networks show the way in which users of public transport attacked an assailant and severely beat him on July 31.

The thief ended up naked and lying in the street.

It should be noted that assailants have the transportation system and its users in check on a daily basis, in Mexico-Texcoco.

In a video, it is seen that two assailants were going to enter a transport but already with weapons in hand, an assailant entered, the driver accelerated, and the other assailant stayed down, could not get on.

The jumper who got on wanted to get off, but immediately the passengers, several men, grabbed him and gave him a tremendous beating, which reflects the tiredness of the citizens before the thieves.

In another video, it is seen how the beaten thief is stripped naked in the street and left lying.

VIRAL VIDEO: Another one! They beat up a thief who tried to steal a quesadilla stand

The annoyance of citizens in the face of criminal acts is becoming more and more evident as well as taking justice into their own hands

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The weariness and fatigue of citizens before the criminal acts that occur every day in different parts of the country continues to rise, recently went viral when a mugger from a combi in the State of Mexico is hit by several users of the transport to which minutes before tried to assault without success.

With these acts, it has become clear that citizens are already fed up with the insecurity that reigns in the country, which is why taking justice into their own hands is becoming more and more a daily act.

That was the case of the diners and neighbors of a quesadilla stand, it was through the recording of a security camera of the place that the moment was recorded on video, and after its publication on social networks, it soon became viral.

Beaten up by thug

In the images released, it is seen how an assailant goes up to the quesadilla stand and goes directly against the customers, who are waiting for their food, to remove them from their belongings. 

After talking with the clients and taking their belongings from them, the assailant leaves the box and returns a second later, called by one of the men who had taken his cell phone, when he returned he was hit by the client in a shirt.

When the other customers and neighbors saw the act of the young man, they joined in to give this assailant a real beating, making him fall up to two times due to the strong blows he received repeatedly in the face

The place where this event took place, however, is unknown has been held in social networks to the annoyance of citizenship to the insecurity in the country, including some users have suggested to become ” fashionable “ , the hit to criminals to give them a lesson What do you think?


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