Antibacterial gel considered ‘toxic’ in the US is still being sold in Mexico

Despite the fact that Mexican antibacterial gel was banned in the United States, this same product continues to be sold in Mexico; This was confirmed by the Bloomberg agency.

According to information from the Bloomberg agency  , antibacterial gel circulates in  Mexico that  is considered  toxic  and has already been banned in the  United States.

The agency says that it is an antibacterial hand gel that causes concern among health experts since constant use could cause poisoning.

In fact, a few  months ago  we informed you about the  alert issued by the United States government  about antibacterial gel made in Mexico, the same one in which methanol was found.

It is known that 37 Mexican companies that imported the product were included in a “black list” of the United States and their imports were suspended.

In a  journalistic exercise  Bloomberg visited a pharmacy in Mexico City where he found at least five products that the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration has prohibited.

Venden en México marca de gel antibacterial considerado tóxico en Estados  Unidos | PorEsto


Methanol is a substance that is present in industrial products and in others such as cleaning products and some fuels.

Methanol is toxic in prolonged exposures and can seriously damage body organs if ingested, inhaled, or if it comes in contact with the skin.


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