AMLO talks about baseball while López-Gatell announces 100,000 dead

On the evening of Thursday, November 19th, at the National Palace, at almost the same time, two totally different events occurred. In one, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador received Julio Urías, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, champions of the Baseball World Series. 

On that same Thursday afternoon, also in the Palace, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López Gatell, reported that Mexico had reached the official figure of 100,000 deaths from coronavirus, an “unusual” amount, was how the official described this national tragedy.

A couple of hours after their private meeting, López Obrador uploaded a video to his social networks in which he proudly boasted the Mexican Dodgers pitcher’s visit, which had also been attended by three of his sons, admirers of the baseball player. For three minutes he talked about the meeting and his satisfaction.

But there was absolutely no message from the President that night about the 100,000 dead. Light and shadow, happiness, and tragedy, these people are dying all over the country and many of them died in CDMX, not far from the doors of the National Palace.

Source: El Universal

Mexico Daily Post