EL PAÍS organizes a forum on investment opportunities in Mexico

The meeting brings together journalists, experts, and officials from the country’s financial sector who analyze the economic potential for investments of the second Latin American economy

The potential of the Mexican economy to attract investment will be the focus of analysis in a forum organized by EL PAÍS this Tuesday. The event, titled Investing in Mexico, will bring together journalists, academics, financial sector officials, businessmen, and bankers to discuss the competitive advantages that the Mexican economy, the second most important in Latin America, has for investors.

The event will discuss the growing sectors in Mexico, as well as the challenges and competitive advantages offered by the North American country, which has the United States and Canada as its main trading partners since Mexican exports to North America represent almost a 35% of GDP. Although the Mexican economy has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the Mexican government has bet on a new economic boost with the entry into force of the new Free Trade Agreement (T-MEC) “USMCA”, as well as an ambitious investment in infrastructure projects .

The forum will be attended by Sergio Silva Castañeda, head of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit of the Mexican Ministry of the Economy; José Aljaro, CEO of the Spanish company Abertis, dedicated to the management of highways; Jan Martínez Arhens, director of EL PAÍS América; Adriana Arreaza, director of macroeconomic studies at CAF – Development Bank of Latin America; Demetrio Sodi, CEO of RCO, a highway operation company in Mexico; Jesús Martínez, CEO of MAPFRE Latam Norte and CEO of MAPFRE México; Eduardo Osuna, vice president and general director of BBVA México and Sonia Corona, journalist for EL PAÍS.

Investing in Mexico, sponsored by Abertis, RCO, and CAF – development bank of Latin America, is part of the forums that EL PAÍS holds in the Mexican capital, where the newspaper concentrates its largest writing on the continent. The forum is free and will be broadcast online starting at 9:30 am on Tuesday in Mexico (4:30 pm in Madrid). Interested persons may follow the event on elpais.com and EL PAÍS social networks.

Mexico Daily Post