Mexican girl asked the doctors to let her die after suffering beatings and sexual abuse dies

Her parents and stepmother were arrested. An uncle, accused of sexual abuse, is a fugitive from justice. Authorities are also investigating the death of his 3-year-old sister.

Yatziri (Yaz), a Mexican 7-year-old girl, who remained in intensive care for four months after being hospitalized after being the victim of sexual abuse and domestic violence, died on December 28, informed the Government of Puebla.

“We endorse the commitment that the acts that occurred with the minor will not go unpunished,” says the government’s message.

The little girl was in the intensive care unit of the Hospital General de Zona (HGZ) No. 20 ‘La Margarita’, of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), in the state of Puebla.

“All medical and human efforts were made to save his life, unfortunately, today he lost this tough battle,” says a statement from the IMSS Puebla.

“Don’t heal me anymore”

Yaz was admitted to that hospital on August 20, 2020, for internal bleeding due to a suspected perforation in the intestines. In addition, he had a lung damaged from the blows, marks of cigarette burns on his hands, arms, and stomach, as well as injuries to her face and head.

” I want to die, don’t cure me anymore […] I don’t want to go back to my parents so they can keep beating me,” the little girl said to the doctors, according to statements collected by Sin Embargo.

Yaz’s case was made known by the activist Frida Guerrera, who has denounced the “ineffectiveness of the Puebla authorities” in these events.

Earlier, on June 28, Mitzi, Yaz’s sister, only 3 years old, died of an alleged bronchial aspiration. However, an investigation was opened in this regard, as reported in August by Governor Miguel Barbosa.

Yaz’s parents, Rafael N. and Alejandra Viridiana N., were detained since last August; meanwhile, her stepmother, Monica, was apprehended and jailed on October 5. The uncle of the minor, accused of the sexual abuse that the girl suffered, is at large.


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