The relationship between Mexico and the U.S. could be powerful and attractive


“150 years ago, the United States, a country in full colonial, imperial expansion, creating the great power it later became, was left with half of the Mexican territory,” explains Dr. Luis Rubio, who believes that for Americans “Mexico it is a vital frontier and is a key country for its stability, development and growth, despite the difficulties ”.

“The fact that Mexico has problems in terms of security or economic growth are issues that concern Americans, and as a superpower they could act on it.”

Our collaborator indicates that “there is nothing more important for the United States than the prosperity of Mexico because that is what guarantees that their security, stability and border will be duly protected”, without forgetting to point out that the neighboring country has “Its characteristics and whims like all countries”.

In this sense, the expert points out that Mexico’s interest should focus on “deepening that connection and having greater economic integration so that there are many more jobs, better salaries, advanced technology and that therefore Mexico has a balanced and complete development” .

For this reason, he emphasizes that ” being in a lawsuit with the Americans is not going to lead us anywhere, because somewhere we can ‘wake up that tiger that is very delicate and dangerous,” and reiterates, “the stability of Mexico is the most important thing for them. ”.

“Without stability in Mexico, its own stability [that of the United States] is at stake and at risk.”

However, Luis Rubio believes that “if Mexico continues to play as it did 20 or 30 years ago, then it would have to build a more complete relationship.”

“The bilateral relationship becomes very powerful and attractive, Mexico could end up benefiting from the conflict between the United States and China, simply because many people would see in Mexico the opportunity to be and develop, to have an important industrial base.”

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