Mexican peso loses against the dollar; now the most depreciated currency


The Mexican peso is at its worst level against the dollar since February 8 and is the most depreciated currency, given a greater perception of risk with respect to the country, due to the direct effects of the cold wave in several northern states and for the federal government’s response to the event.

The national currency came to be located this morning at 20.25 units per dollar, after closing yesterday at less than 20 pesos for the third consecutive day, indicate the wholesale prices published by the Bloomberg agency.

Resultado de imagen de Dólar hoy en México

The current level of the Mexican currency is equivalent to a loss of 28 cents or 1.4% compared to Monday, ranking as the most depreciated currency this Tuesday, followed by the South African rand.

In retail operations, the dollar sells for 20.67 pesos at CitiBanamex windows, 25 cents more expensive than yesterday.

The exchange rate has overcome the resistance of 20 pesos, given a greater perception of risk with respect to Mexico, due to the direct effects of the cold wave in several northern states and the response of the federal government to the event.

Given this, the peso is the most depreciated currency in the basket of 16 main crosses of the dollar, explained this morning Gabriela Siller, chief economist of Banco Base.

This Monday, the cold left about 4.8 million users without electricity in several states of the country, after the supply of natural gas from Texas, United States was interrupted, according to a statement from the Federal Electricity Commission ( CFE).

The power cuts have been intermittent and have extended to this Tuesday. In the commodity markets, the price of natural gas at some delivery points rose from $ 3 to $ 300 per British thermal unit.


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