Narco plane lands on Bacalar-Mérida highway

Since the early hours of the morning, various criminal acts have been reported, including a confrontation with soldiers in the town of Nuevo Israel, in southern Quintana Roo

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A confrontation between alleged criminals and members of the Army was reported, this in the south of the state of Quintana Roo where the arrival of a small plane has stood out, which could well be an air vehicle of an organized crime group, they have reported injured soldiers, AMLO confirmed the facts during his morning conference.

The first reports that were registered during the early hours of this Monday, which indicated that the municipality of José María Morelos, would have had around 40 private vehicles with heavily armed people in the aforementioned cars.

Enfrentamiento entre militares y narcotraficantes en en el sur de Quintana Roo, hay lesionados

The cars with armed people arrived from Federal Highway 184 that goes from Merida towards the town of Polyuc, however, these were not the only reports of the incident, since the neighboring country of Belize reported an alleged aircraft that crossed this nation without the overflight permit granted, which set off the alerts on this matter by the Mexican authorities.

Unofficially, it is mentioned that the convoy of armed vehicles probably came from Merida to receive the drugs brought by the aircraft that landed on federal highway 293 near the town of New Israel, which is already secured by elements of the Army, who are now at the scene of the events.

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Two other narco planes captured heading toward Yucatan Peninsula

Drug narco-plane had destination ‘Quintana Roo’

Belize Army and Police protected said cargo.

The drug discharged from the jet insured yesterday in Belize was destined for Quintana Roo, according to the Office of the Police Commissioner of Belize.

Mexican authorities were seen to help with the investigation.

Yesterday morning the Belize Army and Police secured a Hawker Sidley jet, with HS-125 registration, between the villages of Crooked Tree and Shipyard.

It was empty but was protected by such authorities.

Belize Police Commissioner Chester William said that the alleged drug was released was carried out in three vans guarded by armed men.

According to intelligence work, the servant would be transferred to Mexico, via Quintana Roo.

“We know that there is some improvised road or path that can cross that area and cross the back and reach Mexico, so we have also sought to see how we could cut that exit and try to see if we can force them to go out on the road. Then the Police and BDF (Department of Defense of Belize) are in the area and we hope to find the load »he detailed.

It is presumed that the aircraft left Venezuela and its destination was the United States, but with a stopover in Mexico, where it could not land and opted for Belize.

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Quintana Roo authorities were notified to take appropriate action.

Second plane intercepted with 16 packages of cocaine.

The second plane intercepted with 16 packages of cocaine

After the events in the south of Quintana Roo regarding narco plane the Guatemalan government confirmed the assurance of a jet with cocaine.

The drug shipment was insured.

After securing a plane on Highway 293 near the town of Nevo Israel in the southern area of ​​Quintana Roo, the Guatemalan government confirmed the assurance of a second plane carrying a drug shipment, although so far the inquiries to confirm or undo if there is any relationship with the aircraft found in Quintana Roo.

This morning authorities from Guatemala announced that they located an aircraft that was possibly carrying drugs through the San Andrés, Petén area, where a pickup truck with 16 packages of cocaine was also secured.

The report indicates that the insurance of weapons and another truck that could transport drugs were seized on the site, in total there were 16 packages, however, the weight of the narcotic drugs and the number of weapons insured were not revealed.   

It should be mentioned that the Guatemalan authorities have not confirmed or denied whether the localized jet is related to the discovery of the trucks with drugs and weapons that occurred this morning in the south of Quintana Roo.

This day, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced in his traditional morning conference that there was a confrontation between the military and drug traffickers after detecting a plane on Highway 293 near the town of Nueva Israel.

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During the fray, the commander of the 34th Military Zone, General Brigadier DEM José Luis Vázquez Araiza, who took office in Chetumal last November, was also found to be injured. The President of the Republic also confirmed that he was killed. General’s driver.

Finally, it was confirmed that so far remains operating strong surveillance by agents of the three levels of government, likewise the close it was confirmed collaboration with the government of Guatemala to confirm or throwing away the theory that both aircraft are related. 

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