Villagers block and push national guards back with an “Egg Assualt”


The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon on the Apatzingán-Aguililla road, when the uniformed men went to the area to verify the report of blockages and burning of units

A group of inhabitants of the community of Pinzándaro, in the municipality of Apatzingán, who maintained a blockade on the Apatzingán-Aguililla highway, threw eggs at elements of the National Guard to prevent their passage.

The incident occurred Sunday afternoon on the federal highway when national security forces went to the area to verify the report of blockages and the burning of units.

Videos disseminated by the same inhabitants of the place through social networks show the exact moment in which they impede the passage to the National Guard units, and it is also appreciated when they are attacked with the blanquillos.

The uniformed men were ordered to retreat and return to their base in order to avoid any confrontation with unfortunate results.

Source: excelsior

The Mazatlan Post


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