MÉRIDA YUCATAN.- The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Federal Ministry of Finance will proceed legally and criminally against the director of Customs of Progress, Guillermo César Calderón León, for corruption and for allowing the entrance to Mexico, from Yucatán, of drugs and illegal substances such as ephedrine and fentanyl

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In addition to being dismissed, it will be made available to justice for the seriousness of the accusations and for the millionaire amounts that were detected in its bank accounts, which are presumed to be the result of corruption and the payments it received from the smuggling mafias. .

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According to the Snakes and Scalars column, published by Salvador García Soto in El Universal (, together with the administrator of the Customs of Progress, Guillermo César Calderón, the director of the customs of Tuxpan, Veracruz, Abel Cárdenas Lara. However, the most serious facts correspond to the Yucatecan case.

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García Soto says that the Tax Administration Service and the FIU have documented two vendors with evidence of corruption in these customs. The officials incurred various crimes ranging from enrichment by paying bribes to allow drug trafficking through the aforementioned ports, in addition to marine protected species.

The investigations were carried out on the basis of complaints from workers, who directly accused their superiors of the illicit already exposed.

The Financial Intelligence Unit managed to document suspicious movements and unusual money transfers that exceed the income of public servants in the accounts of officials.

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The most serious case corresponds to Progreso, where it was documented that the entry of ephedrine and fentanyl cargoes, which are used to produce methamphetamines from China, was allowed.

Calderón Lara was a deputy for the State of Mexico and arrived at Customs of Progress in April 2019.

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For his part, Cárdenas Lara is accused of receiving bribes from the Chinese mafia for passing cargoes of sea cow, totoaba and sea cucumber, protected marine species that are illegally marketed in the Asian continent.


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