Tlaxcala resumes celebration of religious festivities with the presence of the faithful

The celebration of the Sacraments, anniversaries, patron-saint festivals, and expressions of popular piety with the presence of the faithful will be resumed in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala, but in accordance with a series of health provisions and recommendations that seek to avoid contagion by Covid-19.

The Dioceses of Puebla, Tehuacán, Tlaxcala, and Huajapan de León, have reported on the new reality that the Catholic Church will experience, without neglecting its responsibility to contribute to the reduction of infections and deaths due to this new disease.

With the application of this new protocol, the Dioceses will take care of and protect the health and life of the people in the celebrations, but they ask the faithful to be responsible and respect the sanitary measures decreed.

In all cases, a mask and / or face mask, antibacterial gel will be used and they will take care of the healthy distance.

Those who support the priest should wash their hands with soap and water at the beginning and end of the celebration, and the objects that are used should be disinfected.

All community celebrations will be held with a small group of people, the entrance procession will be avoided and the celebration will begin with the participants already located in the assigned places.


These will take plae according to the capacity allowed in Sunday Masses, preferably in open atriums or chapels and trying to keep them brief.

The constant flow of people must be guaranteed, food distribution, excess flowers and ornaments that impede the passage of people and, if possible, the burning of pyrotechnics must be avoided.

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The assignment on the forehead will be omitted in the reception rite and in the “effeta” rite, the anointing will be with cotton or cotton swab and the baptism will be with a jug.


At the request of the parish priest, the Sacrament will be done by the Bishop or a Delegate, they will not take place within the mass of the patron saint festivities and the anointing will be with a cotton ball or cotton swab for each confirmed.


Mass will be similar to Sunday with the presence of the faithful, the priest will avoid physical contact during the marriage rite and communion will be distributed only with the sacred host and will be received in the hand.

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The priest will use personal protective equipment, wash his hands before and after visiting the sick person, make the anointing with cotton or cotton swab, distribute the communion in the hand and in case of not being able to enter the room from the door, he will make the prayers and will impart absolution.


The Covid-19 chaplains will carry out the apostolate with the proper personal protective equipment, and in case of not being able to enter the room from the door they will pray and impart absolution.



The celebration will take in an open space, outside the confessional, but if this is not possible, a transparent acrylic division will be placed between penitent and confessor.


People attending churches should avoid touching the images or objects of worship to prevent contagion.

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