VIDEO. ‘No to homophobia’: police detain gay couple for kissing in Tulum


Through social networks, users made a video viral where police officers detained a gay couple kissing on the beach in Tulum.

Through social networks, users shared a video where it can be observed that municipal police in Quintana Roo tried to arrest a gay couple allegedly because they were kissing on the beach in Tulum

According to Maritza Escalante, Municipal Delegate for Women in Movement Tulum of the Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) party, the police detained a gay foreign couple for a few minutes for allegedly kissing in Tulum. “I want to express my anger because the police here in Quintana Roo are homophobic, ” he said. 

In a video posted on his TikTok account, Escalante shared the moments in which municipal police officers put a gay couple of foreigners on the patrol, who was finally released due to pressure from the people who were in the place. 

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So they held them

Escalante said that yesterday he was on the beach with his family, and noted that some officers on ATVs approached a group of foreign people who were on the beach. “After about 20 minutes a patrol arrived and they wanted to take them handcuffed,” he lamented. 

He indicated that the reasons why the couple was taken were because of their sexual orientation and because they kissed on the beach in Tulum. “A lot of people got together and I did the same to ask why they were taking them, it was because they were gay and they were kissing, ” he said. 

He expressed that the people gathered were furious and frustrated when they saw the scene of alleged police abuse and homophobia. “We began to support them, we did not let them take them away, we even began to shout that ‘we were gay’, but the police used force against them and abused their power,” he lamented. 

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After talking with them, the uniformed men let them go. “I demand the sanction due to these elements,” he said. 

In the recording, the couple can be seen on top of the patrol car, while the assembled people shouted slogans to prevent them from being arrested. “No to homophobia,” they yelled. 

The video went viral on Tiktok and reached more than 44,000 “likes” and 1,359 comments. 


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