The Flower Fair comes back to Cuernavaca!


“The Flower Fair in Cuernavaca should be the economic trigger that everyone expects to attract tourism”, said the president of the National Chamber of Commerce in Small (Canacope), Humberto Bahena Rodríguez. The organization he represents is betting on reactivating the economy in the state, generating this type of action in favor of businessmen, entrepreneurs, workers, and merchants from the state of Morelos.

“We support the mayor’s proposal, we want more tourists not only in Cuernavaca but in all of Morelos and it is time to start with these projects,” he said.

He affirmed that the conditions exist as Morelos is green on the epidemiological traffic light.

“Everyone is fed up with being locked down and we want to distract ourselves, so the Flower Fair is the perfect event to get out and have some fun in a family environment,” he said.

Bahena Rodríguez invites all of Morelos Flower Fair merchants, exhibitors suppliers, and service providers to observe the corresponding health protocols during the event.

In terms of security, he stated that there is a condition for the Flower Fair to take place because the mayor and his team have already made a prior analysis, for which there is full confidence that it will be a peaceful event that will take place in a family environment.

In turn, Laura Patricia Hernández, secretary of Human Development and Social Participation of the Cuernavaca City Council stated that given the proximity of the Flower Fair, sanitary measures will be taken inside and outside the fairgrounds, including the mandatory use of face masks at all times, and the use of antibacterial gel, which will be provided by the organizers and the health authorities of Cuernavaca.

She affirmed that it is important to safeguard the integrity of Morelos residents and tourists; that is why the health authorities are intensifying health measures to avoid contagion.

Source: OEM

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