Are you going to Tepoztlán?; Rules, prices and schedules to climb Tepozteco in 2024


The state of Morelos in Mexico has multiple magical towns that offer a great cultural offer such as Tepoztlan, where one of its emblematic activities is to climb the hill of the Tepozteco Mountains of the magical town of Tepoztlán, a town in the state of Morelos surrounded by mountains

A fundamental part of visiting the magical town of Tepoztlán is to climb the Tepozteco, a Mexican archaeological zone formed by a protected natural hill.

For years thousands of people visited it to go hiking or reach the viewpoint, but in 2024 things changed and the rules are slightly different to enjoy it.

In 1937 it was declared a natural protected area (ANP); It includes the hill of the same name and the lands that surround the town of Tepoztlán; in the area there are several types of vegetation, ranging from pine forest, to mesophilic and tropical deciduous forest.

In its fauna, 12 local species of reptiles are recorded, among which a poisonous lizard that is in danger of disappearing stands out; the enchaquirado lizard. 42 species of birds that inhabit El Tepozteco are also recorded, three of them endangered, among which the owl stands out. In addition, three species of mammals live

What you can and cannot do?

So that you are not taken by surprise by the requirements, we leave them here for you to organize your trip.

  • It is forbidden to climb the hill with pets
  • The use of drones is not allowed
  • The entry of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes is prohibited
  • You cannot enter with sharp objects
  • The ascent is not recommended for people with respiratory or cardiac conditions

When climbing

  • Do not leave the path of ascent to the hill and the pyramid
  •  Follow the instructions of the park rangers
  • Respect the animals and plants of the place
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Stay hydrated Costs

The official site of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) indicates that the archaeological zone of the Tepozteco is open from Wednesday to Sunday, with a schedule of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. free entry, but if you want to access the archaeological zone the ticket has a cost of 90 pesos.

Source: W Radio