Freak multiple motorcycle accidents leave 7 dead and 15 injured in Morelos, Mexico (VIDEO)

The motorcycle accidents left a preliminary balance of seven dead and 15 injured, this as a result of four different crashes on the Mexico highwayCuernavaca.

The preliminary report of Federal Highways and Bridges (CAPUFE), indicates that speeding was the cause of the fatal situations.

According to the authorities’ report, as well as various testimonies from bikers, the first accident occurred at kilometer 51, when a couple of motorcyclists collided at full speed in the back of an SUV that stopped in the middle of the road.

Some 500 meters ahead, two other people – apparently companions of the first deceased – suffered another mishap when they tried to stop abruptly to try to help their teammates.

This caused them to lose control and collide with a vehicle that was unable to avoid them. The crew of that track bike literally flew several meters and died at the scene.

Moments later, at kilometer 51, just when entering the curve known as “The Pear”, another couple – who manned a Harley Davidson cruiser-type skidded and both were under a trailer that could not stop, crushing them with the rear tires of the box.

The highway accidents also left 15 injured, as some of the bikers did not manage to control their vehicles and skidded, of that figure, seven occupied a medical transfer to hospitals in Cuernavaca, where they are reported out of danger according to the latest medical report.

Another 15 vehicles were damaged and affected when trying to avoid the motorcyclists on the pavement, collided with each other or with the retaining wall of the road.

Similarly, two trailers were stranded and affected. In total, there were 13 motorcycles that participated in the accidents, which caused that toll road to remain closed for a period of 5 hours, unleashing road chaos for thousands of Mexico City residents who wanted to spend a weekend in Cuernavaca.

Source: El Universal

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