More than 6,000 tourists arrive in Tepoztlan, Morelos every weekend

Tepoztlán wants fewer alcoholic tourists (El Sol de Cuernavaca).

Bars can only sell alcoholic beverages accompanied by food and their consumption on public roads is prohibited

The mayor of Tepoztlán, Mario Silvino Flores Oropeza, assured that they seek to end tourism that only comes to consume alcoholic beverages and, on the contrary, encourage nature and adventure tourism

Given the arrival of thousands of visitors every weekend to Tepoztlán, the mayor commented that the municipal Health and Transit directorates have been working hand in hand with the state Health Secretariat to launch the Breathalyzer Program in the coming days.

He pointed out that this program seeks to reduce alcohol consumption and avoid the crowds every weekend in the streets and public parking lots of Tepoztlan, and thus be able to reduce the risks of Covid-19 infections.

“Unfortunately there are people who come to have fun in a not so healthy way, we would like them to come to enjoy the cultural and natural heritage of Tepoztlán, climb the mountains, the hills, see the archaeological zone from a distance, enjoy the Historic Center of Tepoztlán “, he expressed.

The mayor added that in gastronomic matters the municipality has a lot to offer and that is why it is recognized at the national level.

Every weekend between 6 and 8 thousand visitors arrive in Tepoztlán, Morelos, and before the epidemiological traffic light change, the establishments were notified that they must reduce their capacity, and even bars will close at 9 PM.

The Breathalyzer Program is expected to start operating within 15 days. As everywhere in Mexico, in Morelos there could be hundreds or even thousands of drivers DUI around the Cuernavaca-Tepoztlan area on a daily basis.

Source: OEM

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