Morelos: Man looks over the fence to see what is happening and is killed by a stray bullet (VIDEO)

A video went viral of the moment in which a man looked into his neighbor’s house to check what was happening after hearing gunshots, but ended up being hit by a stray bullet and died.

The events occurred on March 9, in the community of Apucarana in Pirapó, Brazil.

Security cameras installed in the home captured Bruno Emídio da Silva Junior, 33, perching on top of a laundry room wall to look towards his neighbor’s home.

He was trying to find out what was happening in the house since he heard gunshots.

Despite the warning of a woman present, the man continued to observe.

Unfortunately, at that moment another shot was fired, which hit Bruno’s face and he fell on his back.

Although Bruno was helped by paramedics, he pronounced dead at the scene.

Local authorities obtained a search warrant for the attacker’s home, but he had already escaped.

Source: OEM

Morelos Daily Post