Darío García Cortés, former director of the Municipal Government and businessman, is murdered in Cuautla

Cuernavaca, Morelos. Darío Cortés García, president of the truckers of the local Union of Sugarcane Producers, was murdered on March 18 in Cuautla, police sources reported.

On Saturday, March 16, also in this same municipality, the house of councilor Miguel Ángel Barranco was attacked with bullets.

The murder of García Cortes, former municipal secretary of the government in Cuautla, was recorded around 10:00 a.m. on Antiguo Camino a Ex Hacienda El Hospital avenue, near the Eusebio Jauregui neighborhood.

Two individuals on a motorcycle shot him and later fled in the direction of Yautepec, according to these sources.

The shooting attack on the councilor’s house located in the Morelos neighborhood of Cuautla took place early on Saturday, March 16th.

In the state capital Cuernavaca the gubernatorial candidate of the Let’s Keep Making History coalition, Margarita González Saravia, asked the federal government for a greater presence of security forces in the Cuautla region, in addition to the fact that the Peace Construction Roundtable must also to meet permanently in this historic town where the levels of insecurity are extremely alarming.

The former official was attacked directly, receiving several gunshot wounds and falling lifeless from his scooter instantly.

No arrests have been made regarding these events.

Source.- La Cronica de Morelos

Morelos Daily Post